Raz Seri Studios and The Mass Academy of Fine Art program of study

Raz Seri has developed a program of art education focused on drawing and painting the human form and portraiture from life in natural north light. He and other teachers at the school help students learn how to observe nature and light and render what they see with realism and personal style. The methods used are based on classical techniques practiced by the old masters but modified to be approachable and useful to artists of today.


Students begin by learning how to draw and then progress to painting. Students are taught several ways to observe and draw accurately what they see by sight size, comparison measurement and careful observation. Teachers help students analyze and assess their work and point out the big and small changes necessary.

Students may begin painting the figure with instructor's permission.

Introduction to Classical Technique

Classical Intensive Figure Study

Students begin by copying drawings made by Charles Bargue in the 19th century with pencil and  charcoal. 4-5 drawings should be completed before moving to Cast Drawing​


In Classical Intensive Figure Drawing , students use the sight size and comparison measurement techniques over multiple sessions to create drawings and paintings that are accurate in overall shape and true to life in value and color.

Sketches are first made to explore the gesture, shape and values of the subject, then a final finished drawing of charcoal on Roma paper is completed before painting begins.

Cast Drawing


Students draw reproductions of antique sculptures in natural light with charcoal and white chalk.

Cast Painting


Students graduate to painting casts and busts in natural light using white, black and raw sienna oil paints.

Figure Sketching

In Figure Sketching,students how to capture the gesture and block in shadow and light paying little attention to detail. 




Painting with color

Students will begin painting the figure and portrait with permission from the instructors using a historical limited palette of color.


Special Topics

Students are encouraged to attend Anatomy and Art History classes as offered throughout the year.

Plein Aire and Still Life classes will be offered.