Raz Seri Studios and
the Mass Academy of Fine Art

Classical techniques in natural north light studios.

Raz Seri, artistic director and lead instructor, has developed a curriculum based on his training at the Florence Academy of Art and his experiences teaching at the Boulder School of Fine Art, the Art Students League of Denver and other schools. He and other teachers at the school help students learn how to observe nature and light and render what they see with realism and personal style. The methods used are based on classical techniques practiced by the old masters but modified to be approachable and useful to artists of today.


Students begin by learning how to draw and then progress to painting. Students are taught several ways to observe and draw accurately what they see by sight size, comparison measurement and careful observation. Teachers help students analyze and assess their work and point out the big and small changes necessary.

Students may begin painting the figure with instructor's permission.

Classes are offered weekends, weekdays and evenings. Part time and full time students are accepted.

Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays
1:00 pm

Learn through increasingly challenging projects how to draw with pencil and charcoal and how to paint wam and cool tones with a limited palette. Students are individually coached through multiple sessions and are taught how to see and depict light and shadow, contour and form.

Saturdays and Sundays
9:30 am

Draw and paint from a live model in natural north light over multiple sessions. Students are taught the steps necessary to create a lifelike drawing or painting of a person with accuracy and style.

5:30 pm

Develop the ability to quickly draw a figure sketch that portrays the model's overall contour and gesture in these weekly evening classes.